Health assessments are performed when an employer wants to be proactive and ensure that an employees skill levels are matched to the job description and can safely perform the job. This assessment addresses any potential restrictions and/or modifications. Our program is unique in that it not only addresses past and present injuries, it also addresses potential health risks from a proactive prevention viewpoint; such as diabetes and cardiovascular assessment and management. Overall, it provides a health risk assessment providing an opportunity to uncover the health risks that are directly linked to medical problems developing down the road. Why is a health assessment beneficial? *when there has been a significant change in the working conditions *when an employee transfers positions and the requirements are substantially different *a medical condition that is creating a possibility of unsafe work practices, or could be worsened by the job duties.

What Is Included?

*Systems assessment performed by an RN
*Family history review
*Musculoskeletal Assessment
*Auditory Testing
*Vision Screening
*Lifting Assessment
*Critical Strength Mobility Testing
*Grip Strength Measurement
*Drug & Alcohol Testing
*Spirometry Testing
*Diabetes Testing
*Cardiovascular Testing
*Respiratory Mask Fitting


We perform vision screening as part of our Health Assessment Program or as an independent service. 

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